Functional Movement System (FMS)
Mobility Complex

What is FMS?

The body is a functional movement system designed for versatility, adaptability and survival. Movement is a carefully constructed and complicated orchestra of muscular movement controlled and coordinated by a web of neurological input. To move and perform safely at your peak year-in and year-out requires symmetry of strength, movement, or balance. Balance within your body is the key to healthy functional movement.

What is the Functional Movement Screen?

The functional movement screen is an assessment tool used to identify and correct imbalances in the body that restrict full range of motion and functional movement (i.e. tight hips, shoulders, weak lower backs, ankles, etc).


All muscles in the front of your body tend to shorten – abdominal, hip flexors, quadriceps, pectoral, biceps and neck. The muscles on the backside of your body get short and tight too – calves and hamstrings, which, interestingly enough, causes your butt to get flat. Short, tight muscles disrupt your ability to move the way you were designed.

Restricted movement patterns will lead to injuries because you are not moving the way you were meant to move. When you load the body experiencing restricted movement with weights or running for instance, you greatly intensify the risk of serious injury. Any training instructor that does not identify and discuss corrective strategies for your restricted movement is setting you up for injury and severely limiting your health and fitness goals.

Correcting imbalances identified through the functional movement screen eliminates compensated movements and increases muscular and skeletal efficiency by reprogramming muscles to work in the sequence they were designed to. The result is a body that has the ability to move the right muscles at the right time in the right patterns with the appropriate amount of force.

Practically speaking, functional movement produces significant weight-loss, flexibility and joint mobility, functional strength, vigor and vitality. This means that you can resume dancing, hiking, activities of daily living and other pleasurable activities previously limited by restricted movement.

Now is the time for better movement and intense fun-filled experiences.