How to Get Started

At the Gallup School of Strength we recognize the critical role of safety and proper preparation as keys to athletic performance. To ensure your safety and ability to perform at high levels we require all students to complete the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Mobility Complex and StrongFirst Introduction before participating in training classes taught at the Gallup School of Strength.

For the Grand Opening weekend and all classes going forward here is what you need to do to begin training.

For Group Classes:

1. You will need to complete the Health Screening Questionnaire and the Exercise Training Waiver prior to your training. These forms can be picked up at the Gallup School of Strength the day you begin training or you can contact Coach Greg McNeil through email and have the forms sent to you in advance. Since the school is a new program to Gallup and the surrounding communities we highly recommend you receive your forms in advance. The email address is

2. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Mobility Complex and StrongFirst Introduction are offered on Saturdays. For the Grand Opening weekend the FMS, Mobility Complex and Introduction will offered July 9th and 10th.

3. Gallup School of Strength is a barefoot training facility. To say we sweat during training is an understatement. We ask that you dress comfortably, bring water with you and out of respect for your classmates we ask that you take care of hygiene prior to attending class.

4. There are no monthly memberships. Students pay by the month for training. Please bring your fees with you along with the completed Health Screening Questionnaire and Exercise Training Waiver.

5. Once you have completed the 2 hour FMS, Mobility Complex and StrongFirst training introduction you are free to attend any class on the schedule. Your class will be an intense, skill-based and fun-filled 30 minute experience.

6.  Individualized Training:

For those of you who desire one to one or small group training (3 student’s maximum) with the Coach or Lorelei your process is different. Simply contact us through email or by phone to get started.

We look forward to serving you. Let the fun begin!!!!