What are people saying about Coach Greg?

“I had heard about Russian Kettlebell training, but knew very little about it. For me, going to the gym and pumping iron was not an option. That is too boring. Instead I was looking for something different in my workouts, something that would keep me focused. And what I like about Coach Greg McNeil is that you can tell right away he knows what he’s talking about. He’s passionate about what he does. And the workouts he’s created are fantastic. Using kettlebells and aerobic activity are a perfect mixture for me. Right away I could tell it was working. Improved muscle strength, cardio, flexibility – I’m loving It!!! And I didn’t have to go all the way to Russia to get it.”

Bob Brown
Host of “The Locker room”
ESPN Radio 101.7 The Team – Albuquerque

I watched as Bob showed me some of the strength moves he had learned; I saw his body changing and defining and I thought (and said) “I could never do that”.

But Bob said that there were ladies in the class that he was attending, and that they were indeed doing those moves and many more strength and flexibility exercises as well. I thought “Well, that is great for you because you are athletic, but I have endured accidents that have broken my pelvis and spine, and I have dealt with many chronic pain issues due to that.” And I know from past experience that I have tried many times to start an exercise program, only to have an injury or a flare-up of a past injury, that side-lined me and discouraged me from going any further.

But Bob said, “Just call Coach and talk to him”……so I did. I was tired of feeling like I was making three steps forward and two steps back in my previous attempts to gain strength and flexibility in my life because of my chronic pain issues. I am an Operating Room Registered Nurse, and our job is very stressful and physically demanding, yet also very rewarding, as I have the honor and privilege to care for our nation’s veterans.

From our first meeting, Coach Greg McNeil was knowledgeable, compassionate, and able to translate his knowledge of “functional fitness” to me. I have been training with him in the practice of Russian Kettlebell Fitness for six months now, and am happy to report that I have lost eight pounds (so far), many inches, gained muscle definition and strength, and am buying clothes a size smaller these days. The best benefit from our training is the confidence of knowing that “Strength is a Skill” and I am becoming the person that I want to be….instead of letting life, past injuries and an age number dictate what I can and cannot do! I am so much more flexible on my job and in life, and able to adapt and handle situations (both physical and mental) so much better because of what I have learned on this journey….and I am far from finished.

My goal is more than a dress size…it is the knowledge and feeling that I am strong and flexible and adaptable….that is what Russian Kettlebell Fitness and specifically, Coach Greg McNeil, is all about.

Yes, you can!
Cathy Brown, RN

"Greg is an inspirational and authentic leader who truly cares about his students. He is committed to helping each of us achieve our personal fitness goals. Training with Greg is a transformational experience that rejuvenates my physical strength and self-confidence. Each class provides a new routine that will challenge you to take your fitness to a new level. He has been instrumental in my personal and fitness journey, and I am forever grateful to him."


“Benefits from meeting Coach are many-fold. I have reaped both physical and mental confidence since learning how to correctly use a kettle bell. I lost ten pounds last summer, plus lost at least four pants sizes due to the rigorous training Coach offers.

I can physically attack more challenges. I relish what Coach dishes, because I know even 30 minutes with him is not a walk in the park. He does not let a trainee settle for easiest.

His training style is fantastic! I appreciate his call for perfection. He frequently gives us reasons behind the necessity of executing a move and how the move builds on a future exercise.

I have re-assessed how I mentally tackle things and have obliterated negative speak. Both actions come from observations of Coach modeling his tackling of challenges. I am thankful I took a chance on an independent trainer with the enthusiasm and expertise Coach Greg gives every day!”


“Why I choose to participate with a community that emulates integrity, persistence, discipline, and growth: Greg McNeil has inspired me to believe that I can be strengthened and accomplished in multiple areas of my life. Not only have I progressed from a 9lb kettlebell to a 44lb kettlebell in the last year of training with Greg, it is also apparent that other areas of my life are benefiting from Kettle bell training; i.e. confidence and endurance. Kettle Bell training with Greg McNeil transcends to all arenas of my environment. Thank you coach!!!”


"As someone who has developed over many years with regards to my training, I was invited to learn about Russian kettlebell training from two friends. I had heard about Girya or kettlebell training in my studies of Russia and Russian history and was intrigued by this type of training that is more than just your rudimentary circuit training I have spent years engaged in.

Trying very much to not spend too much time in the gym, I was attracted to the sport because of the way it is a change in culture, so to speak, and after researching the history and studies of kettlebell training was attracted to the holistic approach to weight training and conditioning that are some of the benefits of kettlebell. It has been roughly four months since I began studying with you, and I call it study, because training with you is also about changing approaches to life and training.

I remember most how you sent us a email where you informed us that we should not think of kettlebell training as a workout in the normal sense, but as an effort to continuously improve our training.

To me this meant that it was about developing more than just a workout routine, but becoming disciplined and seeking to constantly improve our performance. Paying close attention to the details regarding to performing kettlebell movements safely and with maximum results.

Finally, I want to add that I am especially happy to train with you in the sense that you are creating a community that includes people of a variety of levels and backgrounds."


When I think of Greg McNeil “The Coach” I think leader, mentor, instructor and counselor.

When I called to make my first appointment I remember how I had rehearsed what I wanted. Like most people I wanted to lose weight and to run a 5K in the next six months.

Little did I know I would be the one put on the spot with one simple phrase he asked me?


Of course I thought about what he asked me but I began with of how I wanted to lose weight and to be able to move better. I gave my usual talking point about how I wanted to run again and to eat better and most of all not to feel so old in my body.

As the Coach listen to me I keep waiting for him to take down what I had said hoping soon he would give me a training plan that would best fit my schedule and most of all assess where I was physically. But as I keep talking I realized he was giving me an opportunity to look deeper within myself.

He was observing what I was not saying; things I was too afraid to say out loud even to myself.

After what seemed like an eternity he finely put me through the Functional Movements Screening.

I thought “ok” here we go.

Little did I know that this was not only a physical screening but he was still assessing me as a “whole”? How did I move, how was I thinking, and most of all how I approached what he had me do?

As the weeks went by I relearned how to breath, to feel how I bring air into my body and exhale it out of my body, to slow down and feel how my body moved and relaxed, most of all learning how to control my body instead of my body controlling me.

As I learned how to work with the Kettle Bell, I soon realized that I was thinking different, feeling different, and most of all I started to feel new strength within myself. Looking back on this stage I am amazed how the simplest act of breathing changes how I felt. To learn to slow down and listen to my body, I realized that in this day and age I was always on the go and forget the simplest act of breathing.

After training for three months with the Coach, he asked me again “What do you want”?

When I heard that phrase again I did not hesitate and I spoke of things I wanted without fear. I felt strong in knowing “I” wanted something for myself, “I” wanted to live a life that was meant just for me. No longer living to make others happy but to finally be brave enough to say I matter too.

As the next nine months went by I was like a new person with new life given to me without limits. I not only trained hard but I could also feel my inner strength growing with every passing day pushing me to a life I knew I wanted to live.

As my anniversary date of training with the Coach came, we sat and talked about the past year, as we talked about all that I had accomplished I soon realized that I not only got a physical training but soon realized how I found my inner strength to my own spiritual enlightenment.

So when people ask me who is Greg McNeil “The Coach” I can say he is my mentor, counselor, and instructor. He is not only a certified Strong First Instructor but also a licensed Counselor. He has so many other gifts, too many to list.

Being a Native American woman who has lived on and off the reservation, I had lost my way. But with the help of the Coach and the Kettle Bell, I was able to re-discover my path to a life that I was meant to live.

I was raised knowing that it’s not just us (humans) in this world but other things like nature and things that we can’t quite explain. I grew up around Medicine Men and Elders that I respect, and Mentors that I cherish; I remember how each one had their way in teaching me to be aware of my surrounding and to respect all that I see. Most of all to be true to my self and not to forget where I came from and that everything is connected to one another (animals, humans, trees, land, water, and most of all air).

We all have encountered leaders, mentors, counselors, and coaches in our lives. But in today’s society we are so quick to try the latest trends thinking this will help. We have forgotten to slow down and just take a moment to just breath.

If you feel you need to reconnect with the universe around you, I encourage you to call “The Coach,” you’ll be glad you did.

I feel and believe that Greg McNeil is one of those rare people that can show you your path in life. He can re-open your eye to all the possibilities you thought were out of reach.

Lorelei Thompson

Greg McNeil is an outstanding coach with unparalleled expertise in body mechanics and conditioning techniques. I have trained with Greg for 6 months. In that short time I surpassed my personal fitness goals and my experience exceeded my expectations.

Greg's professional certifications in Kettlebell and his healthy attitude are inspirational. I wish to emulate his lifestyle and continue my training.

Training sessions are rigorous and rewarding. Greg's expectations are high, but the quality of his training is higher. He always gives his students the encouragement and motivation they need to push past their physical plateaus and mental barriers. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for results.

Jennifer Buntjer-Merryman

Co-owner, MountainTop Extracts, LLC

Ph.D Candidate, Language,
Literacy & Sociocultural Studies, UNM

I have trained with the coach off and on for 20 yrs. His health, wellness and body building experience is extensive and is a perfect background for understanding and developing body mechanics. The coach has helped me with sports specific training, injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning as well as keeping this body in hot shape over the years. He has a trained eye and his close one and one personal training attention is all about focus on my movement patterns so I can continue to improve without injury. He is a skilled martial artist who has trained himself to be elite and he shares that wisdom with you.

a. urbano,MD, FACEP